Use USB pins for GPIO

Our product uses the P1 but makes no use of the USB functionality of DeviceOS and so we wanted to reuse the USB pins for general IO.

I see that this was question was asked but went unanswered a number of years ago, and was hoping that someone may have had an idea about this in the intervening time.

I can configure the pins with no issue directly through registers, but it seems DeviceOS is “reluctant” to let them go and I don’t see any exported functions for releasing those pins.

Any thoughts?

Using the P1 USB pins for GPIO is theoretically possible but not supported. There’s no way to turn off Device OS using them as a USB interface.

You’d most likely need a custom bootloader and custom build of Device OS to successfully use the pins as GPIO.

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I was thinking this would be the answer. Thank you for the confirmation.

Since we’d like to stay on the officially released DeviceOS stream, board respin here we come.

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