Use 3 argon GPIO's for Hall Effect sensor

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Has anybody ever used 3 side by side GPIO’s to connect a US1881 hall effect sensor to an argon? In other words getting the power and the ground for the sensor in addition to the signal from GPIO? Is this feasible? The reason I want to do this is to make the connection super simple and compact. I am making a little project that will use an argon stripped of it’s pins and as small a battery as I can to reduce the dimensions.

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Datasheet for the sensor:

I recommend against this:

The GPIO pin will only provide 3.3V.

Switching the power pin with GPIO is fine in certain cases (not this one because of the voltage), but switching GND will cause problems that will surprise and frustrate you. Wire GND to GND and don’t put yourself through the trouble.

Bonus note: Make sure to declare the Hall OUT pin as INPUT_PULLUP when you set up the GPIO or it won’t work.

Not enough voltage, dang!
Makes sense, thanks for the input. I may look around and see if I can find a 3.3 tolerant sensor.

Lots of options! Go to Mouser and drill down to the category

And filter on Mounting Style = PCB or Through Hole

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