Updating from DeviceOS 1.4.4 to 1.5.0-rc.1 -> SOS Panic 1

@avtolstoy as I could not reproduce the fault, am thinking that it is best that I give you the following two binaries via PM (if you are still curious):

  • app compiled for 1.5.0-rc.1 which SOS #1 with DeviceOS: 1.5.0-rc.1.
  • app compiled for 1.4.4 which works okay with DeviceOS: 1.5.0-rc.1.

Of course my app won’t do much for you as all the I/O is different, but it should allow you to see the immediate panic fault for yourself. Hopefully you can apply some debugging tools to see what is going on.

Will send the code in a couple of hours.

PS - Am going to try updating the bootloader from version 400 to 501 as per Particle Photon Flash successful but nothing happening and report back on this too.