Unable to compile DMA ADC test program

I have previously used Rick’s DMA ADC code with earlier versions of the OS (up to about 1.4)

I am trying to use it with OS 3.0.0 for a B524 SOM but I get error messages. These were not only generated when I tried to compile my original code but also appear when I try to compile the simple test program that is included in the DMA ADC code examples.

I appear to have found an answer - Record sound with ADC DMA: Compiler crashes

As well as changing OS versions I had moved from Workbench to WebIDE because of the former’s slow compile speed on a fast PC. It seems I have to move back to Workbench. Thanks to @ak71vie for a good guide.

I updated the ADCDMAGen3_RK to work with Device OS 2.0.0 and later without having to add in components of the nRF52 SDK. You can build both locally and in the Web IDE with this version.

0.0.2 (2021-07-02)

  • Added compatibility with Device OS 2.0.0 and later.

@rickkas7. Thanks Rick - I really appreciate your efforts as usual! You are a gem.

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