Build issues with DFRobotDFPlayerMini library

I have a project that uses the DFRobot mini MP3 player using the DFRobotDFPlayerMini library. This project has been working for over a year. In particular, it compiles just fine under OS3.0.0. I recently updated my code and tried to compile under the latest OS3.2.0 and I got compile errors on the library. I tried OS3.1.0 witht he same result, however OS3.0.0 compiles and executes just fine.

The compile errors are due to several functions in the DFRobotDFPlayerMini library that have return values (not void) but no return statement in the function. My code does not need the return values from these offending functions but the code won’t compile under the latest OS. It will compile under OS3.0.0 (and runs just fine) which suggest that somewhere after 3.0.0 the compiler directives changed to be more strict.

I believe that I have the latest version of the library available from within Particle. I do not want to change the library because I want to leverage any future improvements to the mini-mp3 player hardware. But I also don’t want to be stuck on an older version of Particle OS. My question is – can I build with a newer OS version but specify some switch to ignore the library compile errors. Alternatively, is there a corrected version of this library in Arduino land that can be ported into Particle? The errors are clearly in the library, but the library can be made to compile (under OS3.0.0) and the build works fine.

Update: I looked up the Arduino library GitHub site and briefly examined the latest version of the library code (v1.03) and it looks like the author has fixed the problems. For example, DFRobotDFPlayerMin::handleError() now have a return statement (version 1.0 did not). I would greatly appreciate it if someone could update the Particle version of this library to the latest Arduino version. I think that this will fix the build problems.

@Colleen can you action this please :smiley:

Please do update the library ASAP. I’d like to get my code onto OS 3.2. Thanks.

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