(Ubuntu) Tracker serial disconnects after firmware update, takes ~5 minutes to reconnect

I'm working on developing firmware with the tracker som board (T404M). After flashing my firmware to the board, the serial disconnects, with the command particle serial list first returning No devices available via serial. A few minutes later, the command returns /dev/ttyACM0 - undefined. Only a few minutes after that does serial finally reconnect, allowing me to acsess the serial monitor. Is this expected behavior, or something weird with my hardware or the Tracker?

I've also had issues flashing, occasoinally giving errors around DFU permissions. It seems very inconsistent on it, I'd try flashing ~5-10 times in a row with the same error about now dfu permissions, and on the 11'th time it would flash perfectly fine

I'm using Ubuntu 23.04.

A few things to check:

  1. Do you have the udev rules setup on your machine? Look lower down in this subject Installing DFU-util | Archives | Particle
  2. The progression from no devices to serial ready sounds right - just not the time frame. Do you see the system LED flash magenta during the wait suggesting an OTA update? You can check for "Product Default" firmware that may be following your local flashing.
    Screenshot from 2023-07-12 15-22-27
  3. You can also have the CLI automatically reconnect to the serial port by running:
    $ particle serial monitor --follow --port /dev/ttyACM0
  4. Would you mind copying out system USB logs from $ dmesg relating to the device?

I also forgot to ask if you are using off-the-shelf v18 Tracker Edge or your own application.

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