U-blox announces world’s smallest quad-band LTE Cat M1 module

I think it would be a great module for the next version of the Electron. Especially for the announced industrial version. Meets all the requirements that are needed for IoT Industry Solutions.
More details you can see the following links:


I would rather see the Sequans Monarch on the next generation units. The uBlox units are more expensive and may not allow particle to offer a cost effective solution for large deployments. Verizon just activated their CAT M1 service nationwide last week and there are several other providers that might beat particle to this race and price points since they haven’t announced anything at this point.

Particle wants to support worldwide not only Verizon land

Understood. The real issue is that these networks are up and running but Particle has not announced any form of solution. I don’t really care what network(s) they use. I just want a plan that allows me to deploy a viable cellular solution in the near future.

@Ltrebaol, what other companies are making cellular modules like particle, with OTA and whatnot?

NimbleLink and PyCom are both in this space and have LTE CAT M1 / NB1 products in the engineering stage now. I know Particle is waiting to announce that they have a fully ready to deploy unit but that’s not overly helpful when design trades (like cost) and and product development take a few months for us the users of the platform.