LTE Cat-M2 connectivity

posting to ask a specific question re: Particle hardware and carriers, i've been hearing about LTE Cat-M2, seeing Web articles such as

as my team and i hope to send off sustainable, non-disposable products out into the wide world at large this spring, checking to see if Particle cellular devices (Borons, B-SOMs) will continue to be good w/ LTE Cat-M2 (and in light of 5G expansions).


There are a few exciting expansions to the Particle product line coming this year.
Everything largely depends on modem availability - that's the reason there are no LTE Cat 1 Borons for example.

Cellular chips and modules lists nothing for LTE Cat M2.

A key point from the article:

However, IoT manufacturers won’t need to invest in new technologies as Cat M1 modems are still compatible with Cat M2 networks, and Cat M2 uses the same frequency bands.

In reality M2 is not likely to be very different, in ideal situations perhaps, but for 90% of use cases the performance will be the same.


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