Typo in Boron datasheet - VUSB pin mislabeled as VBUS

The Boron datasheet has a typo in it. It is not insignificant, it set our design back an hour.

The pinout diagram should have pin 3 on the right-hand side labeled VUSB, not VBUS. (It should match the silkscreen and the block diagram). It appears that the Boron block diagram agrees with the Eagle files posted on the repo, and that this is just a typo on the pinout doc.

See screenshots:

image (5)

On the lower diagram on the right, the red box should be labeled VUSB/VIN, not VBUS.

The reason that happened is that the same diagram (except for the Boron sticker) is used for all Gen 3 Feather devices, which normally have the same pinout, except that one pin does behave differently on the Boron than the Argon (and Xenon).

Cool, so Iā€™m no crazy then!

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