Trying to figure out how to use/convert a certain Arduino library to Argon (MAX7219 based display)

So, basically, I would like to utilize one of these “meter” displays with an Argon. But, after a cpl of days of poking at the problem, I just can not figure out how to port this component over to the Argon. It should be pretty simple. It is just a 7219 driving 4 real digits, and three “virtual digits” in the form of a bar graph and some status leds. which in turn depends on

I have of course found the two “existing” libraries in the WebIDE, but they seem to only focus on 8x8 matrix displays.

Sooo, i would appreciate any help dear hive mind :slight_smile:

So, turns out it seem simpler to build my own then to port existing. Soooo, about 80% done after an afternoon :slight_smile:

What were you having trouble with in porting it to Particle? Specific code snippets or compile issues would allow others to help you.

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