Trouble with puTTY and driver [Solved]

I’m trying to run the serial i/o example with puTTY under windows 7. puTTy displays something about once every six executions. when it works, it runs without difficulty indefinitely. After more research, I installed the spark usb driver and now any attempt to use the driver (puTTy, TermaTerm, etc) causes the cursor to start moving all over the screen. requiring a reboot to regain control. I changed the example to include a blinking led … which it does so I’m sure the core is executing my program. any thoughts?

See if this doesn’t fix your problem.


It did! great fix. Thanks.


Actually, I think there is a more fundamental problem with the USB driver under Windows 7. Whenever a USB session connection is broken, such as when loading revised firmware to the core, the USB connection can’t be reestablished without a reboot or by disabling then re-enabling the port. This, of course, makes for a pretty painful development cycle. Any suggestions will be gratefully received.