Trouble shoot webhook

Hi All,

I’m getting a Error 401 from my web hook. It is part of the @peekay123 pong clock project. It is supposed to collect the weather for the location you point it at. I have signed up for an account at openweather and received an API key which I have placed in the code. I have changed the .json file to reflect my location and units.

The web hook gets created (I have used particle CLI for this). but then sends an error in the console,

{“data”:“error status 401 from”,“ttl”:“60”,“published_at”:“2016-09-04T10:50:53.082Z”,“coreid”:“particle-internal”,“name”:“hook-error/weather_hook/0”}

On the log it shows a blue dot (weather hook called), a purple block, weather hook sent, then a green block - hook error.

I have tried several times to get this right but to no avail.:frowning:

Any ideas on where to start to solve it? :smile:

Thank you

401 is Unauthorized. Can you try to use the api directly with your credentials and see if it works?


Thank you for your answer. Can you help with what you mean by / how I should “try to use the API directly”?
I guess that is a basic question, but if I knew how to check it I would have done so already :smile:


@Julian can you recreate again or show me the .json content in a PM. Thanks!

@kennethlimcp, I wrote to @Julian about the webhook. He ha dmodified the ping clock webhook and accidentally removed the API Credentials for the weather site!