Trouble compiling locally in windows

Hello, I am trying to configure my core to compiling trhought USB with this tutorial

Everything was perfect until build the repositories. My problem es when I try to type “make” in the command prompt in the path of “core-firmware/build” and it does not work, appears “‘make’ is not a command”. Attached the image.

I’ve tried with command promt and git bash. I don’t know what to do.

If someone could help me, I really appreciate it. Regards.

sounds like you need to set/check/redo the path variables… its in the video where to set them, but IIRC there is an issue when cutting and pasting from youtube in that it adds some unwanted spaces and or -

so check those and that will make the make command global making it work from anywhere on the computer, not just the folder its installed in.

the make one is in GnuWin32\bin … so thats a good place to start looking :smile:

path = C:\SparkCorePrograms\dfu;C:\SparkCorePro­grams\Git\bin;C:\SparkCorePrograms\GNU Tools ARM Embedded\4.8 2013q4\bin;C:\SparkCorePrograms\GnuWin32­\bin

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