Trackers rebooting

We have several trackers in use and they are rebooting fairly often but not consistently among them. Some reboot more than others. Not sure if there is a reboot reason which causes a loss in connectivity or whether a loss in connectivity causes a reboot. We suspect the latter because the most rebooting system is in an area of poor coverage, but are open to the former. To try to debug, I capture the reboot reason and it works for DFU, FW updates, and I even inadvertently tested the panic. They all worked fine but in this case we are getting back a code 0 which translates to invalid reason.

Has anyone else seen connectivity related reboots? We’re running 2.0.1, semi-automatic mode threads enabled. I track connection status and don’t publish if there is no connection.

Why is the reboot reason code not valid? Is there anything we can do to get more information on the root cause? Is there anything our firmware code could do to trigger code 0 or would a firmware crash always be logged as such?
Thanks for any insight and hints on what to try next.

Hi Rainer,

This device does seem to have pretty poor signal quality at its location, I could imagine why it would be losing signal - but rebooting is not expected.

Were you able to open up a support ticket ( about this issue? We would be happy to dig in further.

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Hi, I got the following response and would appreciate a 2nd opinion.
“2-8 reboots by day is something normal, when the level signal in some point go low, the last resource is a reboot, so in the device is in areas of poor connection this usually reboot more frequently.”
If we use manual mode, will it reduce rebooting? Is that the best practice for areas of weak reception?

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