Reconnecting after internet went down in firmware version 7 in manual mode

i have a code which is running in manual mode system thread enabled .
The code was perfectly working 24x7 for months and still working properly on particle photon firmware 6.2.
this week i purchased couple of particle photon.loaded same code but with firmware when once i switch off hotspot it will turn off its RGB led and even after hotspot is on the device remain unresponsive(but on mobile it shows photons are connected to its wifi) with rgb is off untill i press the reset button.Is there anything is there that i missed in firmware update?
nb:similar issue is there in some other simple code which is in automatic mode .

Without seeing any code, there’s little we can do I’m afraid.

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@anas, in MANUAL mode, your code is responsible for reconnecting. As for the automatic mode, can you post minimal test code so we can try and replicate?

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That’s a bold assertion :wink:
The firmware doesn’t do that all alone, otherwise we’d have seen a lot more of these reports - but we haven’t.

So it might be related to the new system firmware but only in combination with your code, I dare to say.
Hence having no insight into your code, there isn’t a lot we can do to help you.


the problem was on my device firmware was 6.2(my particle CLI and node js was old)and i was flashing code with system firmware target 7(i thought by only runnig particle update-cli will make my cli to latest version)after updating node js and then updating cli i again updated my photons now everything is working as before