Automatic reconnect a Photon after an internet drop out?

I have a Photon connected to the internet using the hotspot of an old iPhone5. Occasionally the connection gets los and in such a case I have to reset my Photon again in order to reconnect.
Is there a way to automatically reconnect (or reset the device) after a temporarily drop out from the internet?

It should reconnect automatically. When it is not connected, what is the status LED pattern? Is it still breathing cyan, blinking green, or blinking cyan (light blue)?

Which Device OS version?

Can you share your firmware? If not:

  • Is SYSTEM_THREAD enabled?
  • Are you doing cloud activities like Particle.publish from your loop? Do you check for Particle.connected() before publishing?

Thans for your reaction, rickkas7.
When the connection is lost, the status led blinks green.
Device OS version is 2.0.1

I am willing to share me firmware with you but I am currently on holidays and I do only have limited access to my files; I can view my firmware in the Particle web ide on my iPad, but for some reason I am not able to copy the file…

For the time being:
System mode is semi automatic
System thread is enabled.
And yes, I do have two Particle.publish events, one of them being triggered every 60 seconds and for that one Particle.connected is not explicitly checked, so maybe that is causing the problem.
What’s more: when the connection drops, and the iPhone hotspot is re-establisment, the only was to get the Photon to act again is to completely reset it.

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