TlsTcpClient library on WebIDE published

Now I publish TlsTcpClient library based mbedTLS.
Application can use TLS TCP client on WebIDE very easy.


Have a fun!


@hirotakaster, great work! Can you please add a little more documentation/comments around how to get and embed the necessary certificate? :wink:


hi @peekay123 , Now I update github README and example. This library can use for TLS 1.0, 1.1, 1,2 server certificate, now not implements client private certification. But maybe most uses it will be okay :slight_smile:


Hi @hirotakaster
I just tried to compile the example for Electron.
But I do not expect to get the following values for the use of flash :confused:

Output of arm-none-eabi-size:

text	data	bss	dec	hex
114868	228	9520	124616	1

In a nutshell:
Flash used	115096 / 110592	104.1 %
RAM used	9748 / 20480	47.6 %

@developer_bt, did you compile that on Build or with a local toolchain?

With WEB IDE. Firmware version does not make a big change. Except version 0.6.0 with which I get the following result.

Output of arm-none-eabi-size:

text	data	bss	dec	hex
116180	228	10400	126808	1

In a nutshell:
Flash used	116408 / 110592	105.3 %
RAM used	10628 / 20480	51.9 %

Can you tell me what are the results for Photon?

@developer_bt, I personally don’t trust the web IDE stats. The definitive way is to compile with a local toolchain. I’ll do that and put up my findings.

Even if you are not accurate however occupancy flash is too large.
I hope that you are right :smile:

@developer_bt, the local toolchain gets me this:

   text    data     bss     dec     hex
 112548     164    9512  122224   1dd70

That is pushing the limit if not exceeding it.

@hirotakaster, have you used this library in a real application? It seems to barely fit in flash?

@peekay123 @developer_bt , I tested 0.6, 0.5.3 with MQTT application on Photon from WebIDE and local toolchain, it can flash and well work. But certainly library size is large so I will try to make it more compact.

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@peekay123 @developer_bt , very shaped :slight_smile:

and this is TLS(HTTPS) communication sequence with my photon, working well.


Looks good. I don’t have time to flash it to my Photon at the moment. I will try it tomorrow.

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Has anyone else tested Electron?
I tried with electron 2G but without success. Once you connect to the Cloud starts with a SOS flashing red.

I’ve just been trying with my Photon (firmware 0.5.2) but I keep getting fast cyan with the occasional red flash after a while and restarts. When I go back to some known-good firmware it works (mostly). I’ve put in some debug statements but most of the time it’s not getting as far as setup(), which is very odd because it’s not invoked any user code by then - or does it?

Isn’t using an Electron with HTTPS going to be expensive?

On the few occasions that I’ve got beyond flashing cyan and the code starts it sees to fail at client.init. I swapped in a different certificate so perhaps I’ve got that wrong.

I use my SIM card. Otherwise it would be too expensive :smile:
Currently I’m using web hook and works great. Stable, safe and cheap. But I want to have the option of direct connection via HTTPS.

@developer_bt , I don’t have Electron, so please send me debug info.

@timx , @developer_bt , Now I test with my Photon got a red SOS flashing on very simple code a number of times.

void setup() {
void loop() {

maybe something wrong in Particle cloud section ? other simple code working well?

Hello @hirotakaster.
Debug info:
When starting normally: white, green and cyan then follows Hard Fault (1 blink between 2 SOS patterns). Then reboot and re-start the same cycle.
The serial port has no information.