Tinker - Windows Phone App

@justinmy, any progress on the WP/Win8 front?

I had a look around the resources page, but can’t find your project.

@Dave & @kennethlimcp, maybe one of you could revive this from the Spark side, too.


@ScruffR, yes. Much apologies. Some family issues arose at the end of summer and stopped any personal development projects I was working on. I am ramping back up to get this done. At the same time I’ll be watching the Photon development to see what they do for their apps on that.

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hi Justin, any progress with the app?

Is this thread alive?
@justinmy - waking up this thread for the community I know you’ve made some progress. Want to share it here?

I can now say this thread is alive :smile:

I have a few details I need to flesh out, but I’m ready to find a few beta testers. Maybe 10? If anyone’s interested send me a PM with your Phone and OS version. It should be ready towards the end of next week.

Looking forward to getting this out!



I have a a Lumia 830 with Lumia Denim software. Let me know if I can be of assistance as a beta tester!


@Chazhill14, that would be awesome! Can you send me a private message with your Microsoft account address? I’ll get you listed in the next build.


Justin I have been looking everywhere for the PM button and cannot find it so I have no idea how to send you a PM in these forums.

Just tap the avatar circle in the top left corner of the users post :wink:
And then press Message