Time.zone() does not work as documented for Photon?

Hello guys,

I have troubles with the Time class. Am running on Photon firmware 0.6.0

The Photon firmware docu says this:
Retrieve the current time as seconds since January 1, 1970 (commonly known as “Unix time” or “epoch time”). This time is not affected by the timezone setting.

However, when testing I noticed that Time.now() AND local() is indeed affected by the zone setting and also by the DST settings. I wonder whether this is wrong docu or wrong implementation?

What I did is the following
zone(1.0) == Berlin Time offset right?
DST offset is default (1.0) but off now in wintertime right? I checked with isDST and it is not set in this example.

So I would expect time() still return UTC and local return my actual local time. However, I do neither get correct UTC time nor the correct local time. It looks like now() become my timezone and local() something else? Mayhaps am doing something wrong there?

My debug output is created using
Time.format(Time.now(), TIME_FORMAT_DEFAULT));
And Time.format(Time.local(), TIME_FORMAT_DEFAULT));

Any hints highly appreciated.
Thank you!

yes, the documentation implies that once you affect Time.zone() that you would have access to UTC by way of Time.now() and your local time via Time.local(), but alas it is not the case.

I refer you to this post.

Also, monitoring the return value of Time.local() it looks like the value is bouncy by 1 times the timezone. Most times it returns the faulty value as I mentioned and sometimes it flicks back one hour for the blink of a moment. Mayhaps it happens in some frequency I don’t know. I am not tracking it that atomic.

Thanks for the reference. This is basically what I am seeing too.

interesting. I have not seen that.