Time Sync Troubles

I’m really sorry, I’m still having problems with the time not syncing. Can I just ask: should a Photon running in SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED); update its time from Particle’s servers without my explicitly telling it to do so in code?
I also don’t understand what happens if I call Particle.syncTime(); and I DON’T wait for it to return. Does it not happen? That might explain my woes! Thanks

Time is sync’ed only on cloud connection start-up which is generally when you power-on a device (but can be other times if you are on cellular and sleep for too long for instance).

You can call Particle.syncTime(); any time you want (I would recommend about once a day). When you call it, it kicks off a request to sync the time, and if you want to wait, you can loop on Particle.syncTimeDone as the doc below shows.


How are you determining it is not working? Are you testing for Time.isValid() true? Have you searched on the community forum? There was a similar post a week ago?