Time sync during handshake (and afterwards) not very accurate

Similar to people in this thread I’m finding that my devices are not keeping accurate time, despite frequent cloud syncs. Is there any way to keep using the Particle Cloud for time sync but manually add/subtract seconds each sync to compensate? It’s reliably(!) about 15 seconds fast.

How did you establish this?
What device are you using (cellular)?
What uplink service (e.g. cellular via satellite)?
Usually Particle.syncTime() does try to compensate for network latency?
How often do you resync?

BTW, the linked thread is years old, are you using system version of back then?

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Since yesterday, my device is now perfectly, 100% time accurate! I’ve changed NOTHING in my code. Anything change on the back end @harrisonhjones @ParticleD @rickkas7 ? VERY happy here!

Just as a sidenote: Harrison Jones has moved on and is now working somewhere else, so he might not see your tag.
AFAIK nothing has changed and I haven’t heard of any issues that way either (apart from here)