Time is different on the Photon vs Core

Can anyone else confirm this?

What I see is the Core would maintain its time during sleep but the Photon wakes from sleep with the same value every time regardless of the value of Time.now() prior to going to sleep.

Thank you for reporting this! We’ll look into it, and report any findings here. Thanks! :smile:

Same issue : https://github.com/spark/firmware/issues/440#issuecomment-108396026

HI @satishgn,

Is this being fixed or has been fixed?
If it is not already fixed do you know when it will be?

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Hi @HardWater

Have you tried connecting Vbat to +3.3V on the Photon?

Might not help of course but it can’t hurt.

@bko No I had not thought to try that @satishgn has confirmed that the latest Rev of wiced code is clearing the Rtc register so I am guessing that this is an unlikely fix. Also my board is already designed and would not like to add rework to the pcb.

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Hi @HardWater @bko, This was indeed caused by WICED init code that resets the RTC to some preset time during startup. I’ve removed the RTC init code in WICED library and pushed the updated library file commit that fixed this issue: