Time Activated Relay

I’m looking to setup a time activated relay that will turn on/off during specific days of the week. Any suggestions on how I can approach this?

@oraclerouter There is a library you can try using DailyTimerSpark GitHub - BulldogLowell/DailyTimerSpark: Particle Library for setting daily timers I have used this in modified form to control the lights on my drive. I have also added calculation of the sunrise and sunset times so I don’t have to modify the on and off times throughout the year.

Thanks @armor.
Any thoughts on how to exposed a function that would allow me to change the timer on-demand and also save it to EEPROM?

@oraclerouter Splitting those requirements;

  1. dynamic update of the timer times, the library defines a Class with public methods. You instantiate the timer object with DailyTimer myTimer(); and then myTimer.setStartTime(hour, minute) and myTimer.setEndTime(hour, minute).
    2.save to eeprom, this is standard stuff, I would create a struct for whatever data you want to hold and recover after power up.
struct myData{
byte starthour;
byte startmins;
byte endhour;
byte endmins;
myData myTimers;

You save the memory based struct to EEPROM with:
EEPROM.put(0, myTimers);
And recover the data saved to EEPROM with:
EEPROM.get(0, myTimers);

you then access the values with dot notation myTimers.starthour = 11;

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