Theraband force/strain/weight sensor to Xenon

I am trying to build a device that measures force/strain/weight on a handle connected to to Thereaband.

The handle will have a Xenon in the grip powered by LiPo battery. The handle will be connected to a Thereaband. The other end of the Thereband will be connect to a wall. I want to measure the force on the handle created by the Theraband.

I have looked at load bars, force sensing resistors and load disks. I’m not sure which would be the best option.

I ordered an FSR from SingleTact to see if that would work.

Would the tension in the band give you the results you want ?
In other words, the magnitude of the Force applied to the Band - in whatever direction the band is being pulled.

I don’t know if it would be tension in the band - I’m not well versed in mechanical physics of this problem.

My research took me here:

I am trying to measure the strain on the handle placed on it by stretching the band some distance from equilibrium. I have uploaded a simple diagram. I’m trying to measure the force/strain/stress at Px.


My first thoughts would be install a Tension Load Cell at the Wall with shackles on your anchor point.
The shackles/eyebolts/etc would allow free movement of the Band. You would be measuring the Force Vector, in the direction of the handle, which is the same as the reaction at the Load Cell.
Installing your Xenon and Load Cell at the wall means no wiring/electronics are required at the Handle.
The Tension is the same throughout the band.

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Connecting to a wall mount is one use case. The more common use case would be the Theraband with two handles. The handle would contain the Xenon and the other components.

I ordered a force sensitive resistor that might do what I need, but interested in hearing about alternatives.

Thanks for the responses.

i’d probably attempt to measure at the grip rather than where the band attaches to the handle.

Same concept… it’s just measuring the tension in the sytem, no matter where the measurement takes place.
This could be installed at either end. At the connection to a handle or at the wall:
Obviously that S-type clamp is larger than what you’d need for your application. It’s just to help visualize what comes to my mind.
[edit]: Or Thread a Handle into one end of the S-Type Clamp (a handle replaces 1 eyebolt)

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