Tension Load Cell?

Has anyone used a S-Type or any other tension load cell with any of the Particle devices? Looks like I will need an amp as well but also need help locating a load cell that is capable of measuring weight via vertical tension (i.e. force pulling down from a suspension of some kind) max weight is 25lbs but need as much precision as possible, like to the 1.2 oz. I like the TF-24 http://media.digikey.com/pdf/Data%20Sheets/Measurement%20Specialties%20PDFs/FT24%20Tension%20Load%20Cells.pdf but can find anyplace that has a price…

The why is below

To complicate matters the item being weighed isn’t always cooperative, fish don’t like hanging…so I am sure I will need some way to compensate/toss values when the fish is moving. For those that wonder, it is for a Bass fishing boat scale/culling system. My dad is a Bass fisherman, ounces and seconds can matter in tournaments so he has been asking for me to make something that allows him to weight his fish as they are caught and when he catches his 6th fish the scale should tell him which fish to release (the smallest in the livewell or the one on the scale). Simple colored tags are used to identify which fish is which. Being that I am a big fan of scope creep I am going to slip in some livewell management for fun and a central display to show total weight in the tank and conditions (temp, oxygen level if possible, water level). Going to be a handheld device based on Bluz tied back to a central screen working from a Bluz GW (hopefully with an electron) so I can update improve things for him from Texas and he lives in Mo.