Photon Shipping Update?

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I don’t understand why the shipping update thread was closed 6 days ago. I would be interested to see this info each day. What’s the schedule as of now?
An update once a day, or ever two days, would be really great.

Any info, like we have 20,000 to ship in June, and we have shipped 4,000. Or the factory in China burned down, and we have to find a new one. LOL

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Hey @Jack. Happy to provide updates on a more informal basis along the way, but the purpose of that post was to put together a highly-visible update for everyone on the community.

The new regulators we’ve sourced have passed incoming inspections and we’ve begun mass production at one of our two facilities. The second is scheduled to start production/assembly within the next day or two. We’re still standing by the updated schedule we posted a week ago, and will provide additional updates as we have additional information to share.

As of now, though, we’re enjoying the gentle calm between inevitable storms that pop up during the manufacturing process :slight_smile: