I’ve built a pretty rudimentary spark integration into my site: I’d love if anyone would like to help me test it out. will allow you to do things like

  1. Send emails
  2. Send txts
  3. Order delivery food through
  4. Connect to a lot of web apps through

It’s pretty simple to get your spark to connect. Basically, you can:

  1. Sign up (with an explicit username/pass, Facebook isn’t working yet for the Spark integration)
  2. Create a button
  3. Add an action to that button
  4. Name the button (by clicking on “unnamed button”, typing the name and hitting enter)
  5. Going back to the buttons page
  6. Click the little gear on the newly made button
  7. Find the little icon that looks like the spark logo
  8. Enter your username/pass and your username pass
  9. Select which core you want to listen to
  10. Select which button you want to listen to (note I’m using Spark’s Internet Button with 4 buttons)

If you are using the Internet Button you can use the following Gist to get it to work with

Very simple mechanism of publishing events. I want to move to webhooks when I can get that working, but that might be a little while with the baby on the way :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance!


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Interesting idea. I think you would benefit from a “demo”. Why do I need to register? What if I just want to see what it looks like? I realize in this day and age conversion is king and getting emails is sometimes all that matters but sometimes (most of the time) I just don’t want to give out my email until I see what I can do with the service. A demo page would be awesome.

I’ll check it out anyway and report back but again, perhaps a short walk through to really make me want to join the site? People should be begging to get into the club not begrudgingly paying the bouncer in order to see what’s up inside

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Hey @harrisonhjones! Thanks for the early feedback. I was actually working with a buddy on making a demo video for the site already, until I got news yesterday that (the API I use for food delivery) is closing its doors in 30 days.

I have to go back and re-implement based on the API :confused:

I’ll post here when that’s finished, but feel free to try out the email, SMS and Zapier capabilities!