The minimalist thermostat

I wanted to share this project with you:


Nice writeup, the dht22 is not very accurate but may be enough for a hvac, maybe with some calibration.

Regardless of what I do, the thermostat software would continue to run in the Particle, so my home would continue to be heated as programmed.

In order to keep running without internet, you may want to look into system modes :

If you run in automatic, loss of wifi and/or internet will have an effect on your program.

Hi, I was under the impression that the software in the particle will continue to run regardless of internet connectivity.

Am I wrong?
Thank you for your note,

In automatic mode, once the photon gets disconnected, it will attempt to reconnect rather than run your user code.
In semi automatic mode its almost the same, only difference is the photon does not connect automatically before you call Particle.connect, after that its like automatic mode.
In manual mode you have to do all the work connecting to wifi/cloud, calling Particle.process() (or sleeping while not using threads) and reconnect if connection lost etc. the reward is your code keeps running all the time.

I have never read anywhere anything that might indicate your statement is correct when you say "it will attempt to reconnect rather than run your user code"
I think wifi operations are done in the background. However I have never tested this. I will, then report back.

Have you tested your theory?
thanks again

Would be good to test so you know, the system_thread is still opt in, not default.

this is great info, thank you @MORA

I will check this in a photon, with and without the opt-in statement: SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED);

let me have some fun with it tonight…

@MORA, you were totally right about the photon not running my code when reconnecting.
there are some times (or phases) while the photon is reconnecting (not sure which ones) that my program seems to run, but others block completely execution.
thank you for telling me this,