The first ever Spark contest! Enchanted Objects

We’re super excited to announce the first ever Spark contest - we’ve partnered with Instructables and are happy to announce that the Enchanted Objects Contest is now open for entries.

…the wha? The Enchanted Objects Contest is your chance to make a real-life fantastical version of something either from this world, or one of your favorite fictional places.

I’m working on a sample project that will takes its cues from Harry Potter. That said, obscure references and the addition of magic to every day items will be accepted and celebrated with just as much enthusiasm as those from blockbuster fandoms.

Details & Entry:

And the prizes are crazy good and hand picked by the Spark team. We’re talking an Oscilloscope, Bench Top Power Supply, Compact Canon Camera Kit, Soldering Set and more.

Here’s the full announcement from Instructables along with details on who and where to enter:

We’re delighted to announce our first-ever Enchanted Objects Contest brought to you in partnership with Spark IO. This is your chance to sprinkle some pixie dust on a project to create a real-life version of a fantastic object. Fiction fandom reigns supreme in this contest, and we’re rewarding the grand prize winner with a sweet new camera, electronic tools, Spark Maker Kit, and much more.

Is your imagination sparked by science fiction movies, video games, fairy tales, or art? Whatever inspires you to create, make sure your projects are built using Spark!

Make R2 beep and bloop when you say hello, or make a real-life Minecraft torch that lights up when your friends log on to your server. We welcome all your characters, gadgets, and magical items from your favorite worlds. They say that sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Well, so is magic.

Multiple entries are accepted, but each entrant can only win one prize. Contest is open to entries from US, Canada [excluding Quebec], UK, China, Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia, Colombia, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, India, New Zealand, and Denmark. The Contest begins at 12:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (PT), November 3, 2014. Contest closes for entries at 11:59pm PT, December 15, 2014.

The winner(s) will be solely responsible for complying with any and all applicable statutes, laws (including, without limitation, common law, if applicable), rules and regulations and for bearing any personal income tax, VAT, withholding taxes, customs duties, or other taxes, fees, insurance, surcharges or other costs relating to receiving, claiming or collecting any prize.


This is gonna be fun! I’ve already made a pair of spark-ly shoes. Maybe it’s time to make them enchanted.