The Electron and LIS3DH (wake-on-movement)

There are quite a few different LIBS that I searched for Electron, I2C and wake on movement.

What I would like to do is use an Electron, use I2C and the LIS3DH accelerometer. I do already have that accelerometer from Adafruit. I have basic code that uses I2C and reads the accelerometer and displays the x,y,z values Ok.

Now I would like to add an interrupt that will wake the Electron from movement.

I was a little confused with so many different LIBS and not sure which one(s) I should use to accomplish the wake on movement.

Any direction on this would be great…Thanks

I wrote this library and it supports wake-on-move. I’ve used it with both I2C and SPI, including the Adafruit board.

Instructions here:

It’s “LIS3DH” in the community libraries in Particle build.

Great Work… I’ll give it a shot…Thanks