Terminology: What's Gen 4?

When reading through the docs, I see many references to Gen 3, but not Gen 4. For example, this discussion of servos. What's the Photon 2 considered? And on a related subject, will any servos that worked with the Photon work with the Photon 2?

  • Gen 1: Spark Core (STM32F103 MCU)
  • Gen 2: Photon, P1, Electron, E Series (except E404X) (STM32F205 MCU)
  • Gen 3: Boron, B SoM, Tracker SoM, Argon, Xenon (nRF52840 MCU)

Originally, the P2 and Photon 2 were grouped in with Gen 3 even though they had a RTL872x MCU with a faster CPU and much more RAM.

In the future, RTL872x devices including the P2, Photon 2, and devices yet-to-be-announced will be Gen 4, as Device OS adds features to take better advantage of the hardware capabilities of the RTL872x.

Servo should work on the P2/Photon 2, however the pins that support Servo (PWM) will vary depending on the device.

Thanks for the clarification, I’m glad to hear that I’ve moved up a generation.

Also, thanks for the info about the servos, I wanted to be sure before I ordered 25 of them.