TempoDB storage for sensor data

Especially in light of the discussion taking place in this other thread, I want to take a second to introduce @MattTempoDB. :spark: might provide some simple cloud storage in the future, but if you’re looking to get going now, Matt can help answer questions about TempoDB.


Thanks for the intro, @zachary. TempoDB is a time series database-as-a-service, and we offer free development/personal accounts for up to 10 million datapoints and 50 distinct series.

We have an embedded C client library, as far as I know nobody’s used it on a Spark device but I don’t think it would be too difficult to cross-compile for it: https://github.com/tempodb/tempodb-embedded-c

If anyone has a project where TempoDB might be a good fit, email me and I can give you some pointers: matt.meshulam at tempo-db dot com.