Telnet + Serial

Hey all… I have come quite a ways on my photon project (controlling 1200 RGB leds over SPI), and its about time to install my photon in a hard to get location. I have a very bad dependence on Serial debug prints and will continue to after installation. Has anyone merged Serial into a simple telnet server? I would love to telnet into my system and watch my debug log spew. Also seems like a handy tool so I was hoping it was already done!
Anybody try this?


Won’t publishes work for your purposes, or would you need frequencies of >1p/s for debugging?

A new feature to come with 0.6.0 is Logging which will (at some point) allow user code to direct log output dynamically to different sinks (0.6.0-rc.2 currently only brings a native SerialLogHandler, but I a TCP/UDP log handler is on the ToDo).

thanks for your response. I have used publishes occasionally, but they are way too slow… I never saw a 1/sec update rate. and I need to try and sync my log output to external events, so timeliness is important.

ScruffR, that sounds great! I haven’t looked into SerialLogHandler, but if it supports similar formatting in Serial, that may be just the ticket. Telnet or even http I suppose would work.

Update… Hmm… I haven’t tried to navigate docs on unreleased firmware… can you point me to the docs you found on the serialLogger functionality?

Update again. OK,got less stupid and found the serialLogger stuff in the docs. My excuse is I dropped this project for quite a while and was on a .4 firmware version! Anyway, Logger looks great! I should be able to adapt all my serial prints to that. Now if they just give me a Telnet log handler!
Again, Thanks!

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