[TELL SPARK!] Feedback on Local IDE and Cloud development tools

I am just starting out so have mostly been using the cloud IDE. I have installed and played with Spark Dev and it would be nice to be able to either share cloud storage with the cloud IDE or at least import/export with 1-click between the two.

Sometimes the simple cloud IDE is all I need (for example programming from an iPad) and sometimes I want the more advanced local IDE, but moving the code between the IDEs is cumbersome.

Is there already a better way to do this that I have not discovered?

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I’d love to be able to develop locally, compile locally, and push to the Core or Photon all from a UI that I run locally.

Ideally, a VS plugin which just works for compiling the .bin and uploading it to the cloud is what I have mind. Configurable cloud server, of course; I know I’m going to work on projects which won’t be allowed to use the Spark Cloud because of enterprise policy.

I don’t think there’s a way, but local debugging on a USB-connected Core or Photon would be absolutely incredible.