Telegraf Integration Success?

Has anyone had recent success with the InfluxData tutorial using Telegraf? The tutorial is confusing on a few points. @davidgs has a few relevant posts here and contributions to the tutorial so I’m hoping he can shed some light.

Some specific questions:

  • The tutorial has two representations for the JSON format, one in text and the other as an image. They are not consistent and it is not clear which pieces are required / critical for the Telegraf parser.
  • In the text description of the JSON format, <your_measurement> seems to indicate any string you want to represent the measurements in your Influx database. It would be best to call this out (or correct my assumption).
  • The tutorial mentions the “Google Cloud Platform integration above” which I assume is a copy / paste error. Nonetheless, this could indicate that a proofread / test of the tutorial is needed.
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I was able to get the Telegraf integration to work. I posted details in response to another forum question.

I’ll submit pull requests for the documentation now that (I think) I know what is going on.