Telair 6713 CO2 Sensor Not detected on Electron's I2C


I have a T6713 sensor integrated with my Electron on D0 and D1 (Wire) as follows:

I am using the i2c-scanner code to confirm the address of my CO2 sensor. For whatever reason, the sensor is not detected on the I2C bus. I have tried pull-up resistors of values 1K, 2K and 10K, no luck.

I tested the I2C bus on the Electron with Si7021 and TSL2591 sensors and clearly there’s no issue with 3.3V driven sensors on I2C (screenshot below).

What am I missing?


please check this out :wink:
maybe will help
for I2C enable:

And from man. With suggestion of 10k to GND for interface selection.

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