Tapatalk version

is there a tapa talk version of this web site … in the spark forums listing is no “SPARK.io


As far as I can tell there is no official Tapatalk support for Discourse at the moment. What is your use case with tapatalk?

I am using tapatalk with some other forums. It is good way to check a status of a post when you away from the laptop…

Discourse (the current forum software), was designed with mobile devices in mind. Most of the forums used with tapatalk are those 10 year old, same looking, sub-optimal desktop versions. Out of my own experience, I can say that this website works superb on a mobile device, and as such, I haven’t yet felt the need to add it to tapatalk. I’ve simply made a shortcut on my home screen, which is easily accessible.

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So you are using as more of a real time update (Push Notification) when someone replies on a thread? I can see that as probably the best use case… In fact that’s what some other people over here where talking about: