System.sleep(), Network standby mode


in the particle white-paper about power efficient IoT products there is a table with the different particle sleep modes. One is, that I can turn of the MCU off and keep the radio on -> System.sleep() in network standby mode, where it can still receive messages from the cloud.
When I checked the reference, I found the function, but the photon can only wake up by time-out or a wake-up pin.


This works just fine, but is there any way to use the cloud messages to wake up the photon from the “network standby mode” without using any extra hardware to trigger a wake-up pin?

Currently the photon sends every three hours a data payload via webhook to my cloud, where it is analysed. After that the photon goes into sleep mode for the next three hours. This works just fine. Our ideal scenario would be, that I can check in between the sensor readings or trigger a particle function with an app and after that the device goes to a sleep mode again (which one depends on the current battery level).

Is the System.sleep() with network standby the right way, or are there any other ways to do this?

That information about Standby Mode an being able to recieve cloud messages is not really true - at least as it is at the moment.
While the device is asleep the radio can be kept on to keep the cell connection alive, but there is no way for the MCU to receive any data.
There has been some discussion about using SMS or voice calls to wake a cellular device (e.g. Electron with 3rd party SIM), but that's about it.

Thanks for the very quick reply.

So, is this a feature I can expect in the next few months, or should I look into anthor solutions for my Problem?