Subscribe to System Events in Class

Is it possible to subscribe to a System event using a class member function for the callback?

I have tried both these calls and they both will not compile

This style works for registering a Software timer, but not for System.on
System.on(cloud_status, &NetworkControl::CloudStatusEvent, *this);

this one also does not compile
auto CloudHandler = std::bind(&NetworkControl::CloudStatusEvent, this, std::placeholders::_1, std::placeholders::_2);
System.on(cloud_status, CloudHandler);

where the class function is defined as
void NetworkControl::CloudStatusEvent(system_event_t event, int data)


Hi guys,
Any news regarding this? Is it possible to use non-static class method as a callback for system events on 0.6.4 firmware?


It’s not currently possible to pass a class member to System.on, as none of the overloads allow for it.

Since system events tend to be global, the easiest workaround is to create a static method that’s a wrapper, and store the instance of the class in a static member, and then you can call your non-static class member.

#include "Particle.h"

class MyClass {
	virtual ~MyClass();

	void setup();
	void buttonClick(system_event_t event, int param);

	static void buttonClickStatic(system_event_t event, int param);

	int counter = 0;
	static MyClass *instance;

MyClass::MyClass() {
	instance = this;

MyClass::~MyClass() {

void MyClass::setup() {
	System.on(button_click, buttonClickStatic);

void MyClass::buttonClick(system_event_t event, int param) {
	int times = system_button_clicks(param);
	Serial.printlnf("eventH=%08lx eventL=%08lx times=%d counter=%d", (uint32_t)(event >> 32), (uint32_t) event, times, ++counter);

// static
void MyClass::buttonClickStatic(system_event_t event, int param) {
	instance->buttonClick(event, param);

MyClass *MyClass::instance;
MyClass myClass;

void setup() {


void loop() {