[Submission] SSDP (Network Discovery) Library


This is a basic implementation of the Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP) for the Photon. Great for automatic and easy lookup for devices on the network.

Examples are available for just simple discovery, or integration with a webserver (ie, the ‘webduino’ library).


Looks interesting thanks. Will have to have a play.

What other implementations of SSDP are you using?
A few links for those following along


I think that some kind of local discovery service should be part of the core firmware.

Just provided an update with proper working examples. Should make implementation a little easier…

This is my first foray into network discovery. I was looking for a good way to bring visibility of the device to the network, and this seemed the easiest.

Thanks for the links; the code examples were new to me.

In the future I will probably implement the SEARCH query so that devices can discover each other.