Photon Controlled LED plant light

First, I just wanted to say thank you to all the people here who helped me. Here is a Spigo LED grow garden I bought from Amazon that I modified by putting a Photon inside it to control the leds.
What it does is everyday it goes out on the net and polls a website to get the sunrise / sunset times for each day. From that information it turns on the leds and off based on those times. It’ also has a web page interface in which I can control their brightness levels and manually turn them on and off.

Just wanted to post the vid, to give a thanks to the people who answered my questions on things.
Now If i can only figure out how to get mdns to work, so I don’t need to know its IP address on my local lan, and could instead use a name like plantlight.local in my browser things would be complete :wink:

Here is my youtube vid of the project.


That looks like a very cool project. Good job on the web interface.

This thread looks promising:

I was able to use this library:

thanks! I did try that, but it did not work on the photon.

It is working for me. I have a photon on http://photon.local that is serving HTML using the example in the library. What problem are you having with the library?

Without changing anything it looks to me like you need to use http://core-1.local. Trying that does nothing for me.

I did change the

bool success = mdns.setHostname("core-1");


bool success = mdns.setHostname("photon");

I did try that as well, but did not help ;(
FWIW, I am using Particle Dev, and not the online IDE. Don’t know if that would make a difference or not.
It does compile.

I am builiding locally, but it shouldn’t matter.

I am so sorry to tell you that I can not watch this youtube video, so please try it again.

The video works fine for me. I would check your firewall settings. No problems here.

Ok, I will retry it again.

Great project and web interface… Do you have your project on GitHub so that I may be able to browse your code for ideas as I’m looking to Port my code from Arduino controlling my aquarium LEDs. I was able to have timelord library from Arduino ported into the Particle community.

Sorry, I do not.