Stable Data transmission technique


so i am having an e series (cellular) in the field, sending data every 30s to the ubidots cloud using the ubidots functions like ubidots.add() and ubidots.send() via the particle webhook. Sometimes this doesnt work properly, due to cellular connectivity issues, leading to data coming in maybe after 5 mins.
Is there an approach how to not loose data in this 5 mins?
For example: if the data was not transmitted to the cloud, safe it and send it with the next sample.

Problem: How do i keep the timestamps of the safed data, as currently the cloud is putting a time stamp on there?
Any suggestions or ideas for a solid approach?


You could check connection status and if you notice a lost connection you’d buffer your data locally and once the connection is regained you can push them out one by one.

One possible way of doing such a thing is done in the PublishQueueAsyncRK library.

When you buffer the data just store with it and don’t rely on the default time stamping.