Photon UBIDOTS stability

I have 7 Photons sending data to UBIDOTS every 60 sec. Water flow, Water heater monitor, temperature monitors and garage door control/monitor. None are reliable. The will become disconnected and never reconnect until reset. Two will constantly disconnect and reconnect. I chose UBIDOTS for ease of use. Is there another free LOT service that I can try to see if this is a Photon problem or UBIDOTS ???

I’m using Ubidots to record and monitor my garage solar power system e.g panel voltage, current and battery voltage. It’s been running for about 3 months and I’ve only had to restart it once.

How are you sending data to your Ubidots variables? I’ve found webhooks to be reliable so if your not using them I would recommend giving it a try.

Using the ubidots lib. I have now switch one of the Temp. monitors to send data to ThingSpeak instead. Will see how that goes. Nice to hear that it is reliable for you.

I have 4 of the Photons switched over to thingspeak now. Not one has needed a reset in the past 2 days. Finally some stability.


Hey! @ron7136 I will try to help you to fix it.
Maybe is a problem of deprecated version of Ubidots library, could you try to update it and try the stability again?

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Yes, working good now.