St-link & programmer shield only! - So, you've decided you want to update your bootloader and everything

Seems like i can’t get the latest bootloader in though…

1.) I unlocked the core

2.) I ran the command to flash the latest firmware and this is the error:

Downloading to address = 0x08000000, size = 13720
Error: Last page at 0x08003597 is not writeable

Hmm, that makes me think you haven’t unlocked the bootloader?

I saw the green flashes when the unlocker-firmware.bin is running though and reflashed it a couple of times. :smiley:

Just to be sure, i used the DFU-util to flash the same .bin file in case my st-flash isn’t working…

Or do i have to wipe the device somehow? :wink:

When the current bootloader is loaded, any user-firmware has to be loaded via usb-dfu, or ota, you can’t use the st-link to load user-space firmware onto the core because some flags need to be set by the bootloader.

ah… I have a white core which is the kickstarter version and used DFU-util to perform the entire process.

That should work right?

I’ll play around more later as i attempt to learn how to use the st-flash and mess with the bootloader just in case my project requires some special bootloader as i develop the firmware.

Thanks Dave! :wink:

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