SSL/TLS between particle device and particle cloud?


i tried earlier to ask about the security of the cloud services but lets take a new angle.

I cannot find in the documents anywhere -> By default, is the particle device to particle cloud communication link SSL/TLS secured if i don’t use the https client library, but rather the blinking_led example and just replace blinkin with some publish-subscribe actions ?
I want to know, is the data received in subscribe and transfered in publish function encrypted to someone who may or could be inspecting my packets ?

I’ve been trying to snoop packets from my device by configuring my PC with virtual router application to route all wifi traffic through my pc and capture my network packets, but Particle seems somehow smart and doesn’t connect to my wifi when virtual router is configured => thats great for security resons at least :smile:

I tried also to capture packets just by executing the Particle CLI call function. It seemed secured since all application data packets to and from particle cloud had a encryption. But the encryption in this case is handled by PC and Cloud-server.

But i still don’t know, does the particle-device to particle-cloud and other way around have/use SSL/TLS tunnel ?

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Thank you for the answer.