Particle Electron to Particle cloud- Any encryption? [SOLVED]

Hi All,

Very quick question: Does the particle.publish() function use an encryption on the data it sends to the Particle Cloud (and then Webhooks)?

I’m asking because I’ve tried to use MQTT on the Particle but cannot establish a secure connection, because the MQTT library does not support TLS/SSL.


Yes, the communication between devices and the Particle cloud is encrypted. For the Photon, using AES/RSA. For the Electron, using DTLS. These protocols also securely identify both sides using public key cryptography.

Thanks. It’s a shame the MQTT library doesn’t support TLS/SSL as of yet, it would be so much cleaner for me to go Electron>MQTT Broker(encrypted) opposed to Electron>Particle Cloud>Database(via WebHook)>MQTT Broker