"Splitting" existing thermistor

If something has a 10k thermistor already installed would I affect the results the pre-existing device is getting by tapping into in with a Photon? I found a Y cable that plugs into the existing header and the thermistor so is I put a Phton on the other side leg of the Y I should be ok right?

This does depend on the original circuit and the voltage used therein too.
e.g. if you have a 5V setup, you’d have to take additional precautions.
AFAIK the Photon ADCs are working with the (dis)charge time of an internal cap getting (dis)charged off the measured signal.
Is the ext circuit vulnerable to this kind on impact?

I was getting 3.03v when I checked it with my multimeter but sounds like that may be for a v2. The external circuit and board are proprietary so no docs available. I have an alternative method in my back pocket so I’ll just do that. Thanks!

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