SparkFun Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout - ADXL362 on Photon

Hello All, I can’t get any meaningful data from my Accelerometer, can anyone help me? I think I have the wires correct, I’m new to electronics, I understand the code better. Everything is 0 or -1 in the SimpleRead

I doubt you get proper contact by just pushing the jumper wires through the holes. You should solder the contacts.


You also need to have some basic knowledge about the breadboard. the hole with the same row number(either side of the center ridge - like all the 5 holes in row 25) is connected together, so you probably had damaged the chip. move the breakout board a little bit to make sure the it cross the gap like your photon


Still having no luck, I hope I didn’t break my accelerometer

It looks to me as if CS (your black wire) is connected to the wrong pin on the Photon. It should be on the pin labeled A2. That may be the problem. However, it is possible the accelerometer got fried when you had it plugged in the first time, because V+ might have shorted with SCK.

A couple of more pieces of advice. Generally these break-out boards like your accelerometer are meant to be soldered with male headers, in this case two rows of 4 pins each. Search for “Break away headers”, they only cost a buck or two. Plug the break-out board with headers into the breadboard straddling the center line, just like your Photon. Then you would use these jumper wires to make the appropriate connections between rows of the bread board. The two outside columns of the breadboard could be used to run power and ground, although that isn’t necessary for small projects like this, where you would just connect them directly. Perhaps you could search for beginner breadboard projects and get familiar with the basics.


Oh, one more thing. If you do want (or need) to buy a new accelerometer breakout, you may want to consider getting one that uses the two-wire I2C interface, rather than SPI. I’m sure either will work, but I’ve always been partial to I2C as it is easier to wire up. For example, SparkFun has a MMA8452Q breakout that is $5 cheaper than the one you got, and comes with headers.

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