Sparkcore without internet access

I’ve programmed the sparkcore such that it connects to a local wifi, and it posts/subscribes to a MQTT broker in the same local LAN.

It works fine when the local network is connected to the internet. When I take the internet connection away, the sparkcore no longer responds to MQTT. Give it internet again, it works.

My understanding was that the cloud is only needed to program the Sparkcore. Once you’ve got firmware on it, if the stuff you’re doing (MQTT) doesn’t require the cloud, it should keep working, no? Am I doing something wrong?

Take a look at the system modes. They give you a bit more insight into what’s happening, and provide alternatives for different scenarios. Feel free to ask more questions if there’s anything unclear after that.

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As @moors7 pointed out, using the spark core in automatic mode (default) causes it to require an Internet connection at all times to run any code. Using the core in semi automatic or manual mode will solve your problem.