Sparkcore Target Audience

Hi Spark Team!

I just got my SparkCore and I am excited about the possibilities with this product.

I was wondering who this product is targeted too? Is it more for the hobbyist wanted to build internet connected things. Or do you also see this product to be use commercially (similar to the

Also on a side note, do you plan on release the cloud source so we can implement our own?

Excellent device guys and great work! I ordered 2 more already :smile:


@Carsten4207 great questions!

Our goal with the Spark Core is that it be useful for the entire spectrum of engineers - from hobbyists to hardware start-ups to OEMs (manufacturers). At a high level, we want to make it easier for people to build internet-connected hardware. If you’re a hobbyist that means a more enjoyable Sunday afternoon project; if you’re a hardware company, that means a lower development cost and faster time-to-market.

We will be releasing an open source Private Cloud so that you can implement your own; right now we’re targeting late December/early January for doing so (need to iron out the kinks first).

Glad you like it! If you’ve got a commercial project in line, let us know, we’d love to help.